Thomas J. Shaw, Esq.
DPO Services
Information & Internet Law
Emerging Technologies Law

Presentations and Classes

  • Data Protection Officers – Performing the Essential Tasks (EU IAPP).
  • DPOs vs. EU Rep (US ABA).
  • STEM and the Law (EU undergraduate).
  • GDPR and SMEs (Dublin CoC).
  • GDPR: Principles, Obligations, and Data Subject Rights (EU controller).
  • Information and Internet Law (EU graduate).
  • Emerging Technologies Law (EU graduate).
  • Law of the Internet (EU undergraduate).
  • Privacy and Cloud Perspectives (California privacy piracy radio show)
  • Cloud Computing Law Seminar (Asia Hong Kong government).
  • Managing Cloud Computing Risk (CloudStrategics Singapore conference)
  • Understanding the Risks of Cloud Computing Services (Seoul conference).
  • Assessing the Legal and Technical Risks of Cloud Computing (Manila conference)
  • Six Types of Cloud Computing Risk (Hong Kong conference).
  • Risk Assessing Cloud Service (CloudAsia Singapore conference)
  • Advanced Computing Technologies (Asia graduate)
  • International Telecommunications Engineer Training (US development program)
  • Relational Database (US undergraduate)
  • C/C++ (US undergraduate)
  • Senior Technical Consultant Training (US development program)
  • System Engineer Programmer Training (US development program)
  • More…